Along an artistic road…

Eva Rudnik’s roots originate in a Jewish hamlet in Belarus. Eva’s mother was part of the large Joffe family. Her father Shmuel Rudnik, was an entrepreneur. Eva’s life journey includes France, Netherlands, United States, Malaysia and Canada, where she presently lives with her husband Marcel.

Eva practices “free will painting – an approach guided by her own introspection. The places where she lived and the cultures she encountered contributed to shape her unique style. In both United States and Malaysia she encountered and internalized a love for flashing colors and sharp outlines, but it was in California where she definitely refined her style. Indeed, each country instilled into her composition a specific aesthetic value due to the vibe of the each place.

The forms she paints combine to express her inner self, her feelings about daily life, and her perception of life and development  in this world.  Indeed, her paintings’ subjects—a bird carrying its feathers in a bizarre manner—a key standing in the middle of a face — intersecting lines over an imaginary view from the Brooklyn Bridge — are a narrative of our time and Eva’s life

She wants to encourage public debate through art because she is convinced that art carries a tremendous potential to capture everyone’s imagination.