My Art

Here is a journey in color through my unique art experience — a journey that may approach the metamorphosis of a chrysalis into a butterfly— a slow evolution taking one step at a time.

First of all my brushes seemed to independently create their own geometric composition. A graphic mix of circles, triangles and squares emerged in the same hue but in various tones, creating a variety on a theme. These geometric shapes nestle into one another and spread on the canvas like a giant cobweb without beginning or end as to mimic nature similar to the stiff woven blanket of the insect pupa.

The second stage developed with images appearing on the canvas as well. Various paintings present flashing markers of faces, animals and symbols. The expression of deep feelings characterize this second period and suggest an elusive opening of my work similar to the growth and development of the chrysalis.

Finally my most recent paintings comprising the third stage present a culmination point of expression. They offer a testimony to the absurdity of this world—like an exotic butterfly opening its wings to the world to seduce, frighten and question all at the same time.